m-naira Wallet is a micro-transfer within the m-naira app that allows you to transfer money to one another using an m-naira register mobile phone number. The transactions are within the m-naira app users only. The money transfer is added to the receiver’s m-naira wallet. When the transaction is completed the balance of the sender is decreased by the transferred amount + commission fee.

Once the transaction is completed, the receiver will receive a PUSH notification and SMS.

It is easy to send the money through the app to your friends, sellers or anyone who gets this application installed on their device. The money will be sent and stored in one’s wallet for further payment.

You can find the entry of this transaction either as a sender or as a receiver in the Settings -> My Activity screen.


  • Open m-naira App
  • Go to Send Money -> select m-naira Wallet
  • The screen will show your current balance and field to enter the amount for the transaction.
  • If the entered amount is greater than the current balance, the app will ask to add funds to your wallet via Voucher or Debit Cards.
  • Click on NEXT -> Enter recipient’s m-naira username by either selecting from the contacts list or enter it manually.
  • Enter the reason for your transfer. E.g., For Dinner, For Electricity, etc.
  • Click on NEXT -> A detailed confirmation screen will show which includes Amount to transfer, Your recipient, Reason of transfer, Convenience fee for that transaction, Total amount to pay, and how much amount your recipient will receive.
  • Click on CONFIRM -> OTP will be sent to your registered number. In most cases, the app will auto-detect OTP or enter OTP manually.
  • Click on NEXT -> if the transaction is a success, the app will show success screen and send PUSH and SMS to the receiver otherwise the app will show error there and you can re-try from there.