Blink m-naira app

BLINK with m-naira is a mobile payment method available in the m-naira app allowing users to:

  • Make Payment in-store and online, withdrawal and deposit cash at ATMs or Agent Locations.
  • Generate BLINK Checks( a one-time 6 digit code) used to make payments at ATM or Agent Location cash withdrawals. Blink with your phone, easy way to pay, cash OUT, and IN BLINK and it’s done.



  • Open m-naira App
  • Select BLINK with m-naira
  • The new screen will open which asks the user to enter the amount to pay.
  • Click on NEXT -> A details screen will open which shows Amount to Transfer, convenience fee, and total amount to pay.
  • Click on CONFIRM -> OTP will be sent to your registered number. In most cases, the app will auto-detect OTP or enter OTP manually.
  • Click on NEXT -> App will verify entered OTP and if everything goes well, the app will show TOKEN and timer for 100 seconds as this TOKEN is valid for 100 seconds only. You can use this token or share it with anyone whom you want to pay.
  • You can share this with nearby m-naira agents too. The agent can validate this TOKEN and pay cash.
  • You can also cancel this transaction and token by clicking on the CANCEL button given on the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Once this token has been verified by an agent or whom you shared this, the CONFIRM button on the bottom right corner will be enabled.
  • Click on CONFIRM -> your transaction is completed now. Your account will be debited by the entered amount + convenience fee.



  • Open m-naira App
  • Go to Settings -> Select My Agent Activity -> Select Agent BLINK CashOut
  • A new screen will open which asks agent to enter received TOKEN.
  • Click on NEXT -> A detailed confirmation screen will open which shows TOKEN to verify.
  • Click on CONFIRM -> App will validate this TOKEN. If the token is the valid app will show success screen otherwise error screen will show with an appropriate message and the agent can re-try from there.