Bank account allows registered users  to transfer money to any  bank account in Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana etc . Users can use this feature to pay to users with a given list of banks.


  • Open m-naira App
  • Go to Send Money -> Select Bank Transfer
  • A new screen will open which fetches all the Nigerian banks.
  • A new screen will ask you to enter the amount to transfer.
  • Click on NEXT -> App will ask you to select Bank from a pre-defined list, enter the bank account number, Select type of account, and enter the purpose of the transfer.
  • Click on NEXT -> App will verify the account number and fetch the user name from the entered account number.
  • The app will auto-fill the receiver name, enter the receiver phone number, and email address.
  • Click on NEXT -> A detail screen will open with all the entered details, convenience fee, the total amount to pay, and how much money your recipient will receive.
  • Click on TRANSFER NOW -> App will send OTP to your registered mobile number. In most cases, the app will auto-detect OTP or the user can manually enter it.
  • Click on NEXT -> App will make the final Bank Transfer with entered OTP value. If everything is ok, app will show a success screen otherwise the app will show an error screen with a proper message and you can re-try from there.