m-naira App is a value sharing and money transfer services platform that interconnects all Nigerian bank accounts, Mobile wallets, and billing systems to deliver instant remittance services to Nigeria from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re supporting your family or doing business in Nigeria, m-naira App makes it easy and safe to Send, Receive, Pay and save cash instantly from your phone, at a quarter of the cost of your bank or high street money transfer provider.

m-naira App allows users to make real-time money transfers from debit or credit card to bank accounts, mobile-money wallets in Nigeria. Our online service deals with the problems of convenience, cost, and speed. we use the latest technology to offer a robust money transfer service. m-naira App is the industry leader in direct value remittance including mobile airtime and bill payment.

m-naira App works directly with service providers to enable remote payment for services such as utilities, healthcare, school tuition, etc. Nigerians in the Diaspora send up to $24 billion annually to Nigeria. At an average cost per transaction of 11.89%, Nigerians are spending more than $7 billion in fees. We think we can do better. So we built m-naira App , the fastest, secure way to send money home directly to a banks account or mobile wallet, Pay bills directly for family and friends.
m-naira App is a mobile payment and financial inclusion services app developed by a Lagos Nigeria based startup called BeepTool CIS Ltd. Users can Request, Pay and transfer money to one another using a mobile phone or email. An integrated financial services platform that encourages individual and cooperative savings and loans, easy payment of utility bills to connected billers and money transfer services. m-naira app is also integrated to a nanosatellite network, this means anyone can use the app in rural areas where cellular-based connectivity are poor or not available, this will drive digital and financial inclusivity for all Africans irrespective of their location and income level

Features and benefits 

– Instant or one-minute transfers available from the USA, EU  and UN approved countries of the world to Nigeria, with 24/7 delivery.
– Real-time updates on your transfer, so you know exactly where your money is
– No credit or debit card fees

Use m-naira App to:
– Send money to your family and friends
– Pay medical bills
– Pay utility bills back in Nigeria
– Do business in Nigeria
– Top-up phones worldwide etc


1. FUND YOUR WALLET ( Via m-naira Voucher, Debit, and credit card.

2. SEND MONEY TO (Bank account, m-naira Wallet, m-naira Agent Location, Mobile Phone ).

3. PAY WITH M-NAIRA (A contactless payment method using a QR code scan from the m-naira App)

4. BLINK WITH M-NAIRA – a mobile payment method available in them-naira app allowing users to withdraw cash at agent locations nationwide.

5. ESUSU  (user/users create and manage Rotational Savings with friends and family in a group ranging between 3, 4, 5, 6,7,8.9.10 and 11 members)

6. REQUEST PAYMENT (Request and receive payments from friends and family).

7. MOBILE TOPUP (mobile top-ups for 600+ mobile operators in 150+ countries)

Make your first payment within minutes

Protect payments with your fingerprint, passcode or your voice recognition.

Sending money at affordable costs to anyone, anywhere in Nigeria.